Tiny Human transitions

It's no secret that we are going to the Farmer's Market on the regular, and changing how we eat around this hizzouse.  Clearly, that also changes how I feed the tiny humans because I refuse to buy too many processed/store bought meal products.  I have to get crafty sometimes with them.  They are totally digging all the fresh fruit, fresh produce (and will eat squash if I sneak it in) and most whatever I put in front of them.  I've been sneaky enough to make healthified pizza, homemade "hot pockets" which were a hit, burritos, beef pot pie, "mac and cheese", spaghetti out of my beloved sketti squash, and loaded baked "princess potatoes" (because I had used the purple potatoes and those were regarded for high Peruvian Kings back in the day, so that makes them princesses to get to eat that kind of tater!) to name a few.  I've also been buying Almond  milk for myself on the whim that I choose to drink milk.  They always ask me about it when I pour some out so I thought I would be sneaky, get some Rice milk, and just pour them a small glass and not say anything to see if they noticed.


We have incredibly good luck.

June 1-3, 2012.  I had spent the weekend in St. Louis with Goose camping.  We were not technically camping though, I don't consider spending the day at a campsite and then sleeping in an apartment for the night camping.  However, the airbed happened to fail and we had to sleep on a 3 inch thick who-knows-how-old futon mattress, so it was LIKE camping!  And the city lights presented a moonlit ambiance ... or not.  Saturday night we got back to the apartment incredibly late, okay it was like 130am Sunday morning.  Parked our cars on the street and went to sleep.  In the apartment, not the streets.  We might as well should have.  We spent Sunday having a lovely day in CWE with Dustbuster.  We decided on going out for dinner, the three of us and the doggie.  I figured we would take my car so I could just drop them back off when we were done.  I was distracted with the ShyannBelle trying to avoid peeing when I looked up and saw Goose frantically looking around in circles.  Then I looked over to where he was looking.  The spot he parked the truck. was empty.