a tornado carried our house off?

Last  Saturday, I woke up to my washer freaking out on me.  I know it was at least on the second spin cycle because I had heard it already but forced myself  to ignore it and went back to sleep.  It was clearly loaded wrong and going off-kilter.  Then my alarm went off and I actually woke my brain up.  I do the laundry, not Goose.  Goose was already awake, as usual.  I rolled across the king size bed and got up grumbling.  About that time Goose came around the corner into the hallway and I said "Who's washing machine is freaking out?"  Our windows had been open all night because it was LOVELY outside.  I got a dirty look, and a "I just finally figured it out!  Guess!"  Not all the way awake, I wasn't in the mood to guess.  I said, "Why do I have to listen to someone else's washer on a SATURDAY MORNING?"

Peace and love, man.

That's really all.  If you try to live this way, the stupid things are just that. Stupid.  If you are negative, get it away from me! I don't want your nega-disease.  Welp...that sounds racist, sorry.  Let me try again...I DON'T WANT YOUR DDD...*snickers* That's a Carlos Mencia song.  Oh well, I'm running with it...I don't want your DDD (Darlene Downer Disease).

*runs away while spraying windex*