The one where I cram April-June 1 into one post.

You guys.  This post has been a long time coming, and I have my reasons for the delay but it is time to talk about our sudden changes!

During our Colorado trip we kind of made the choice to open up job searching to country wide. The travel bug hit us BAD.  I was in a crossroads with my job, which isn't important now in hindsight, but their decision made my decision concrete. Goose was at a crossroads with his job because the company wasn't the same company he signed on with in 2013. We knew the youngest Grill was about to start college and was most likely staying on Oklahoma (she did) and the oldest Grill had a pretty awesome handle on college life and could survive if it happened.  Around March Goose was put into a life altering career path. While he had applied at various other jobs with little to no interest, there was still the option of uprooting.  He was being looked at a company in Houston in corporate level with quick advancement or a job in Connecticut as a Contract Engineer. Long story short, neither company hired him though he was second place for both, but he had made his decision and we had come to an agreement on how we would live from here on out if something came along.

--I had become burnt out on the suburban life as much as Goose. I loved that house we picked out three years ago, knowing it was too big for us but plenty big for family and did it ever serve its purpose. So many fond family moments were gathered up into my heart in that home, but I was burnt out. Goose had become miserable at work and he was in physical pain from the stairs also. We both wanted a better quality of life for us and our children and nothing secured that thought more than taking our jeep trail trip to Colorado. We knew right then we wanted all of us to see the country before we were old, and we couldn't do that if we were living to maintain our house. We wanted to find HOME. --