tiny human conversations, just a normal day around here.

Bri:  You can take that magazine home if you want, have your mom get you some clothes and stuff?
PG: I CAN'T WEAR THOSE CLOTHES! I am small, and these are for a-dots!
Bri: How did you get so smart?
PG: From Sydney. (a cousin)
Bri: Oy, PG you are so funny, how did you get so funny?
PG: From Kylie.  (also, a cousin)

PG: Hey Bri!  Wanna know a friend's name from my class?  You know it? I know it!
Bri: What's her name?
PG: *grins all cute* I DO remember!  Just not now.
Bri: Oh PG, when did you get so cute?
PG: Free minutes ago.