tiny human conversations, just a normal day around here.

Bri:  You can take that magazine home if you want, have your mom get you some clothes and stuff?
PG: I CAN'T WEAR THOSE CLOTHES! I am small, and these are for a-dots!
Bri: How did you get so smart?
PG: From Sydney. (a cousin)
Bri: Oy, PG you are so funny, how did you get so funny?
PG: From Kylie.  (also, a cousin)

PG: Hey Bri!  Wanna know a friend's name from my class?  You know it? I know it!
Bri: What's her name?
PG: *grins all cute* I DO remember!  Just not now.
Bri: Oh PG, when did you get so cute?
PG: Free minutes ago.

PJ: BRI!  Peeton's mouf is annoying me! *throws hands in the air*
Bri: Why do you say that?
PJ: She's making all these weird noises and its RULLY ANNOYING ME!
Bri:  Well, close your ears and don't listen.
PJ: *lays back in the floor to read the magazine* Stop making those annoying things out your mouf pweeze.
PG: *makes annoying noises in spite*
Bri: PG come on now, don't annoy your friend.

[rain storm coming in]
Bri: We should maybe put on our shoes in case.
PG: In case what?
Bri: Well there's a storm coming and we might need to go to the basement if the sirens go off.
Bri: Whoa, not yet.  There's no sirens.  Let's go to the window and listen for them.
[PG &PJ go to the door and watch the rain and listen for a bit and talk about the storm when a firetruck is wailing]
Bri: Nope, that's just a firetruck.
PJ: No it's a powwice man!
Bri: I guess if its a police man you better behave, huh?
PJ: NO, don't let him get me! I will beeehave.
Bri: Hahaha, no it was just a fire truck really.
PG: HAY HAY HAY Bri. Do we need to go to da basement?  We has to go to da basement if a tomado comes because those trees will fall down and chop our necks off.
Bri: Then I think we need to listen for the sirens then. Get your shoes on! Hurry!

Bri: Okay, what SHAPE is this? *holds up oval flashcard*
PG: A circle.
Bri: Nope, let's look at the circle.  They aren't the same.
PJ: Nope. Not da same.
Bri: What does it LOOK like?
PG: Da egg! *bri holds up "like an egg" flashcard*
PG: Ya! Like humpy dumpy, he had a gweat fall and all dose kings couldn't fix him again!  Why dose kings not fix him?
Bri: He was a fragile fragile little egg.  So, what shape is that egg like?
PG and PJ: Uhhhh. What is it!?
Bri: O---

PG: Hay! HAY!  Look what I found!
Bri: Oh look at that magnifying glass!
PG: Yeah! It's a microphone glass, Karker!

PJ: Okay, you stand there and be in jail and I tie you up.
PG: Okay  and I  will say 'you destroying my life!'
PJ: Then you will be free and chase me down.
[they do]
Bri: If you don't drink all that juice you asked for, I'm SO telling my mom on you!
PJ: *sing-song* Here I cooome! Don't tell ya mom!
Bri: I'll do it, I'm not scared!

[in response to a text from tiny human's mom]
Bri: PJ, do you want to be a fairy or a mermaid?
PJ: Um, a princess!
Bri: ...or do you want to be a fairy or a mermaid?
PJ: A mer--no. I wanna be a princess!
Bri: So a FAIRY princess?
PJ: yes! Now, can you go away?
Bri: Uh..not yet.  I'm--
PG: KARKER! Don't tell Bri go away! She didn't ask me yet!  Bri, I wanna be WAH-PUNZEL.
Bri: Yeah! PSH. I think Rapunzel is great!
PG: Maaaybe, I will be a cat!
Bri: MEE-OW!
PG: Whatchu gonna be for trick or treat Bri?  A scarecrow? A witch?
Bri: I don't even know yet. *shakes head*
PJ: Okay, now you can go away? We habing snack.
Bri: Fine. I'm leaving. *z-snaps and walks away*
PJ: Peeton, I have to wear a pink dress and paint my face pink cuz imma be a pwincess.

Bri: You talkin' to me?
Bri:  Welp, I'm Bri...
PJ: Yah but you my mom!
Bri: You think I'm your day mom?
PJ: No! You be mom. Come on now! Be my mom for a minute.
Bri: Okay, why? What do you want from me? *shifty eyes*
PJ: *thinks* Ummm....can you...paint my nails? *waggly brows*
Bri: haha! I have to be your mom for that? Whatever kiddo, lets pick a color.
Bri: Done.

Bri: You uh, want something to eat?
BabyK: *furiously shakes head no, then realizes to nod yes*
Bri: Yes? Let's go!
BabyK: *hulk rips at shirt to get it off so he can eat*
Bri: No no, we don't need to take off our shirt yet, it's not lunchtime.
BabyK: *steals apple from table and runs to the living room and EATS IT* HAHA! HAHA!
Bri: Did that just happen, really?!  You stole my apple!

PG: I can't play with you til after I poop!
Bri: PG, if you have to go to the bathroom just do it, don't tell the whole world.
[PG in the bathroom being clearly hilarious enough to crack herself up]
PG: Don't come in here, I have to POOP! HAHAHA! Poopie, poopie!
Bri: PG! Don't be gross!
PG: Sooowwwwy!

[house hunting is my thing, so I had a house up on the interwebs to view and PG comes to peek over my shoulder]
PG: gasp OOOH! LOOK! THATS PRETTY! OH A RUBBER DUCKY!  OH WE HAVE TO GET THAT ONE, I don't like this house any more it doesn't have a pool.  [as we are looking through more pictures] oh thas pretty.  Oh, oh that's PRETTY.  LUCAS! We don't want this house any more, it doesn't have a pool, that one...we need to get that one because it has a pool and a rubber ducky and sand castles and we have to go there RIGHT NOW! claps
Goose: Hey, do you have a pool at your house?
PG:  No, but I have a riber at my cabin.

[after rough housing (and fake crying because Bri got her thunb and "ate it") just enough to get brudder excited, she gets her nose bonked with a toy]
Bri: Are you being serious? Are you really crying or no?
PJ: *nods* It HIT me!
Bri: Well, you were being a little crazy there.
*snickers* Are you broken? Do you need to go to the hospital? Are you dying?
PJ: No, brudder did it! *fake wails* OH OWWWW *WAAAAAAAH!
Bri: Oh come on, you can do better than that, you don't even have tears!
PJ: *blinks over and over trying to create tears*
Bri:  HAHAH! You make me laugh little one! Lemme see your face.
PJ: Can I have chocolate?

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