This is will melt your brain

I'm pretty sure I am not the only one in the world that has had a 10th birthday.  I am pretty sure that I am one of the few that nearly caused my party to be shut down.  It was a fun birthday, I had a bunch of my friends come over (none of which I am still friends with nor remember) for a slumber party.  We had a pillow fight, played princess dress up in my mom's best dresses and makeup, and went out and TP'd the neighborhood after sneaking Zima's from the old man's garage fridge, and blew up small plants with black cat firecrackers.

Not so worldly travels...Madison, WI

Impromptu trip to see REAL snow over Christmas 2009 led us to go find some cheese in Wisconsin as our gifts to ourselves.  Again, another trip journal being transferred over.

Thursday--got off work at about 1030 and out of town by 1115am. Left Rolla and it was just a drizzle. By the time we got to St Louis it was a full on terrible storm! The rain was horrid the whole drive. So heavy that at times I couldn't see the car directly in front of me. Somewhere near Bloomington IL we started seeing snow collected in the fields. Stopped for gas around Mendota, IL and the snow was covering the grounds at least 3-6 inches deep. Shyann didn't want to pee in the snow! Got back in the car and crossed over to Wisconsin and made it to Madison by 645pm. We checked in, and drove off looking for dinner. Luckily the TGIFridays just down the road was open. It was all wonderful and we got a burger to go to snack on later. Got back and went to bed pretty much right away.

World Travels...Jamaica 2011

For our 10 year anniversary, we planned a trip to Jamaica.  And.it.was.AWESOME.  Again, this one is directly copied and pasted.  I am not responsible for what I said.

March 26-- 
We left for STL about 3 pm.  It was FREEZING!  We drove through a snowstorm all the way there.  Luke was in shorts and I was in leggings and flip flops!  ACK! We drove about 45mph half the way there.  We met Ashley and Dusty at Target to let Ash take my Shyann Belle for the week.  She didn’t seem to care; she was ready to go on another car ride.  We shopped in Target, running through the parking lot in our nearly bare feet.  We had to stop at Home Depot to get Dusty an extra key for my car.  As we were coming out some guy threw a snowball at me for wearing flip flops! Little did he know we were going to Jamaica :D  We headed downtown to the Old Spaghetti Factory and then settled into Dusty’s place for the night to warm up.  Ashley text me to let me know Shy was doing just fine there.  Waking up at 5am tomorrow to get to the airport! WOOHOO! 

World travels...St. Croix, USVI

2007 I got the opportunity to take my very first plane ride.  Six of them actually! I like to write trip journals to remember things on my vacation.  This one is directly copied and pasted from my word documents so...there you go.

Saturday, May 12
Got ready to go at 3:15 am, I didn’t sleep at all from excitement! We picked up Dusty to take up to St. Louis. Checked into STL airport at 4:45 am and made it successfully through security. Although as soon as I got to our gate, my flip flop broke! We had to scramble around at 5:30 am looking for an open gift shop that might have shoes. Luckily Luke found one and got me a new pair of flip flops. We got on the plane at 6:50 am and I had a window seat. The flight was pretty awesome, fairly smooth. We made it to Miami at 11am. Miami had a lot of haze and smoke from the fires that were there a few days before. We got on board to head to Puerto Rico, and got some really cool pictures of the Bahamas on the way to Puerto Rico! When we got to Puerto Rico, we bought some souvenirs while waiting on our shuttle bus to go out to the turbo prop plane. When we went out to the shuttle bus, it was 91 degrees and you could smell the salt air. We made it to St. Croix at 5:30 pm and we were blown away by the view. Jay picked us up and took us swimming in Cramer’s Park, which is near Point Udall, the farthest most eastern point in the U.S. and we saw Buck Island. We then went to eat at Cheeseburgers. Cheeseburger's was great! We soon realized that everything there was open-air. Jay’s house was so cool! He lived in a downstairs apartment of a house, so we walked down these terra cotta steps to this beautiful terrace! His back porch was as long as his apartment and almost as wide. His backyard had a mango tree, lime tree, coconut tree, banana tree and some prickly pear type fruit tree. It was so lush and green and peaceful! We saw lots of geckos too!

Aliens and pee

In my weak attempt for orderliness --is that a word? I am going to bring some of my stories from wherever I had them posted.  Oldie here, but pretty awesome.

July 11, 2011
WOO HOO MONDAY!  I went to let Shyann Belle dog out at 515am and the door wouldn't open because something was in the way.  Then I saw it...the trash bag I set out last night to take with me when I left was all torn up. Great. A cat.  Shy went investigating and I heard this strange snarl and I screamed "SHY COME HERE"! I saw the stupid cat crawl up my grill trying to escape so I swatted at it.  But it kept going up! AND UP! And it was stuck, clinging on to the post of the porch for dear life.  I flipped on the porch light because in the midst of the battle, I dropped my phone. WHAT! HOLY MOTHER OF COFFEE!  IT'S NOT A CAT! IT'S A RACOON! OMG I ALMOST TOUCHED IT! EW EW! IT COULD HAVE RABIED ME!