Why should you get these? Cuz I said to.

Since I just ordered a new pair and I am violently stalking my tracking order, I want to talk about my most favorite workout shoes I have ever owned.  I am doing Insanity right now, and need some fresh footiewear.

They exude magical unicorn happy tears.
Behold, the Reebok Runtone. *insert angelic chorus* I looked at these shoes for a long time...well, online.  It's not like I bought  them and then stared at them in the box.  I looked at them online for a long time.  I was interested in the EasyTones, but found they weren't cool enough to run in.  *turns back on nerd shoe*  I thought I would wait until Reebok decided to use their overpaid marketing team to decide there needs to be a good "toning running shoe".  So I waited. And waited.

I found a pair at Amazon, this pair in the picture, pleading with me to buy them from the giant Amazon warehouse and save them from the Forklifts of Doom.  I read review after review.  Some Diva complained that the shoes DIDN'T tone your legs like Reebok claims. She probably put  them on and hoped for some magic spell.  Some Abuser said the airpods at the bottom would pop and ruin.  Some Cranky Weather-intolerant Whino said the mesh was see-thru and cold and you could see your sock lines.  Uh duh, wear white socks.  Some Librarian said they squeaked when you walked.  Most reviews were good.  They were comfortable shoes and good for running.  And cute!  I was skeptical about a shoe's ability to tone up flabby thighs and butt.  C'mon, I have been around long enough to know that certain things just don't magically work.  *points to Kim K's "quick trim" and shakes head*  Despite that, I said "Okay you little pair of shoes.  Get on the UPS truck to my house now." and ordered them up.


My own personal book challenge

I decided to jump on this book challenge bandwagon.   I need to read some of those old classics I never got around to.  You know, so I can pretend I am well-educated and wear spectacles.  I committed to read 50 books this year.   Since I need to know how many books I have read, I need a place to document it, yes?  Here's my list of completed books, to be added to as I go.  Most of the books I got from the free Kindle Ebooks (because I am cheap and I love free) or purchased from Amazon because I JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT.  I will link them if I can.  The rest are old books from around here I may or may not have read.  I thought about doing some kind of review on them but well that would just be overkill.  Unless you want me to!  But most likely I won't.
This is my well-educated book-smart look.


It wants me for my retinas.

Goose and I bought a house back in 2003.  Our house was a really old 2 bed/1 bath house.  We bought it with intent to completely remodel the whole thing.  In fact within the first hour of getting the keys I had started ripping out the carpet all like the incredible hulk on an angry rampage.  I had plans for this house. I had plans to get a dishwasher installed, to redo the floors in the kitchen.  I had plans to turn that god-awful bathroom into a nice one and move that washer and dryer out of it.  For the time, we lived within a remodel-in-progress. 

I had this wonderful job where I had a three hour lunch break.  Jealous? You should be.  I didn't have a car so I walked EVERYWHERE.  It was a five minute walk from my house to work.  On my break I would leave work, walk for an hour, tan when I needed to, come home and clean and shower and still have rest time before work.  It was totally perfect.    

This fateful day, I was at home after all my walking.  I got on the computer first because duh,  that's closer to the front door than the bathroom was.  I am a huge procrastinator even when I have to go.  I was doing the pee-pee dance in my chair and I just couldn't hold it anymore.  I took off running to the bathroom like I usually do, probably yelling at myself  about needing to just go ahead and buy some depends.  I opened the door to the bathroom and hear a noise that sounded odd.  There was this HUGE black demon bird in between the blinds and the window pane, flapping like crazy to get out.  So naturally I started screaming "the birds! THE BIRDS!" and that was really dumb because it angered the pterodactyl.  HA! I had an idea!  I shut the door and ran as fast as I could back to the living room, leaving my insane dog Sadi to fend for herself in the bathroom.

I called Goose, interrupting him in the middle of class to tell him to "come home and get this giant vulture-sized bird out of my bathroom before it pecks my eyes out!  Haven't you seen that movie BIRDS? They are the devil!" He was laughing hysterically at me because I really was afraid this bird.  I was not amused at his laughter over my eyeball protection.  He obviously didn't see the ostrich coming straight for my throat.  He told me to open the back door and let the bird just "fly out".  What! That's your plan? Let the albatross just fly out?  He was no help at all so I told him if I died, I love him.  As I hung up I heard him still laughing.  *glares*



The Middle Sister is getting married.  Because I am wise beyond my years and practically the most amazing person I know, she asked me to help her plan the wedding.  I said, "Whatever man," even though she's not really a man.  So I did some checking and found a Bridal Fair in a place NOT HALFWAY between us.   She lives in Oklahoma, and I live in Missouri (for now... *shifty eyes*) so I thought, hey lets meet in Joplin at this one! So we did.  But not before I had a series of events attempt to ruin my day; which HA! events, it didn't work!

First of all, some IDIOT set my alarm for 715 PM instead of AM.  I woke at 830AM when my "check the fire" alarm went off.  When I find that ding dong I will prolly do nothing about it, but I'll threaten to break her arm and hit her with it. Or him.  Secondly, my hair was revolting for waking it up too early on a weekend.   I also have pretty much run out of makeup, which for at home I don't really care.  The tiny humans love me because I am a good dancer, not because I wear lots of makeup.  I finally got out of here and you'd think I was ready to be on my way.  Oh, no!  S.S. Vibe said "You gotta put some gas in me breeze, or I am not taking you ANYWHERE!" Almost two hours after my planned leave time, I left but not before remembering my notebook was on my desk.  *incredibly huge eye roll*

I was super excited for this event because it was at the Downstream Casino and I totally wanted to pretend I was going to play poker.  Or push that button for hours on the slot machines like a crack addict.  But as I met up with Middle Sister, I was reminded that we were not there to gamble, but to look at shiny wedding things. She can be such a downer sometimes.  ; ) I said, "Fine, but I better get snacks."

We let the nice parking lot bus driver take us to the front door, because he looked lonely.  He wanted to make sure we got good and close to the front door, but we swore that even though we were dainty little beings, we could make it the last 3 feet to the door and got out.  I did give him a dollar though because the bus reminded me of Jamaica, the land of tips and long bus rides.  After a bunch of ooohing and ahhing at  the casino, middle sister was able to distract me away from the noise and we found our way to the event.


well well well...

Look what I finally went and did! Let me welcome you with a photo of me FREEZING MY TUKAS OFF AT THE OCEAN!  Granted, it was Galveston, TX at Christmas time, but whatever. Oceans are supposed to be enthusiastically warm and such.

So I guess I am joining the blogging world...not really sure what I plan to do with this yet.  I think mostly I will use it as a place to put some or all of my musings of my life, obviously products I love and rave over (if you know me at all, you know I will get you on board with my latest craze!), and whatever else I feel like saying.   :D I'll keep working on this!  Karrie made me do it.  Blame her if you don't like it.  FIRST POST! YAY!  *valiant fist in the air*