Why should you get these? Cuz I said to.

Since I just ordered a new pair and I am violently stalking my tracking order, I want to talk about my most favorite workout shoes I have ever owned.  I am doing Insanity right now, and need some fresh footiewear.

They exude magical unicorn happy tears.
Behold, the Reebok Runtone. *insert angelic chorus* I looked at these shoes for a long time...well, online.  It's not like I bought  them and then stared at them in the box.  I looked at them online for a long time.  I was interested in the EasyTones, but found they weren't cool enough to run in.  *turns back on nerd shoe*  I thought I would wait until Reebok decided to use their overpaid marketing team to decide there needs to be a good "toning running shoe".  So I waited. And waited.

I found a pair at Amazon, this pair in the picture, pleading with me to buy them from the giant Amazon warehouse and save them from the Forklifts of Doom.  I read review after review.  Some Diva complained that the shoes DIDN'T tone your legs like Reebok claims. She probably put  them on and hoped for some magic spell.  Some Abuser said the airpods at the bottom would pop and ruin.  Some Cranky Weather-intolerant Whino said the mesh was see-thru and cold and you could see your sock lines.  Uh duh, wear white socks.  Some Librarian said they squeaked when you walked.  Most reviews were good.  They were comfortable shoes and good for running.  And cute!  I was skeptical about a shoe's ability to tone up flabby thighs and butt.  C'mon, I have been around long enough to know that certain things just don't magically work.  *points to Kim K's "quick trim" and shakes head*  Despite that, I said "Okay you little pair of shoes.  Get on the UPS truck to my house now." and ordered them up.

I got these shoes in April and pretty much refused to take them off unless I was going for my city look.  That's another story though.  When they got to my house I put them on and didn't take them off until I went to bed.  Three days later I had to mow the yard, and used my mowing shoes.  My feet hurt not even 10 minutes into mowing.  I wanted those impostors OFF my feet.  BUT I dare not grassy up my brand new shoes!  These shoes made me have a spring in my step.  I think that Reebok probably bought out ACME and hired Wile E. Coyote to in fact, place a small spring in each shoe.  It felt slightly wobbly the first day but I felt myself used to the instability by the end of the day.

I walked around in these pockets of squeaky air as much as I could.   The arches were super supportive and I just didn't want to take them off.  I walked on concrete like a thug, around the tracks like I knew what I was doing, jogged through neighborhoods and pointed at my cool shoes to anyone looking.  I jumped around on my wood floors and pretended I was a famous basketball player and entertained Shyann Belle with my squeaking.  My tootsies felt so good!  I loved them.

Introducing Shyann Belle.
She will eat your heart out and spit it  back into your pocket.
I put a lot of miles on my shoes.  In fact, thanks to another piece of equipment I got in October (my beloved sweet little FitBit) I know that I have walked nearly 400 miles. SINCE OCTOBER!  I can only imagine how far I've walked going back to April!  In August, I bought a pair of Reebok Reeinspires.  They are just for walking, there's only two air pods in the sole so trying to work out/run in those is kinda dange-russ!  They are great for around the house, power-walking around the stupid grocery sto, and looking cool.  

I changed the way I ate, drank more and more water each day. *high fives water and sticks tongue out behind its back* I walked more often.  If I had to bet if the cellulite that went away in my legs and tush were from the changes in my eating or the shoes, I would bet on the former any day.  BUT because of these shoes, I WANTED to get outside and walk more.  I wanted to work out to my TurboFire.  I wanted to jump around and race Shyann Belle up and down the steps away from the basement orcs .  I wanted to be more active.  I'm not going to say that these shoes do what Reebok claims they do, but I am going to say they are the most incredibly comfortable line of shoes I've ever put on my feet.  I'll probably not buy into the Reebok workout clothes ever, but I will continue to buy these shoes regardless of if they actually wipe the cellulite dots off  your legs.  Because nothing beats the comfort of this shoe, and the not-soreness I have after a good workout.  Plus, it probably does help a little.  So go out and getchu a pair of these shoes, I DARE YOU.

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