My own personal book challenge

I decided to jump on this book challenge bandwagon.   I need to read some of those old classics I never got around to.  You know, so I can pretend I am well-educated and wear spectacles.  I committed to read 50 books this year.   Since I need to know how many books I have read, I need a place to document it, yes?  Here's my list of completed books, to be added to as I go.  Most of the books I got from the free Kindle Ebooks (because I am cheap and I love free) or purchased from Amazon because I JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT.  I will link them if I can.  The rest are old books from around here I may or may not have read.  I thought about doing some kind of review on them but well that would just be overkill.  Unless you want me to!  But most likely I won't.
This is my well-educated book-smart look.

1.  A Million Little Pieces, James Frey
2. My Friend Leanord, James Frey
3. For Sale in Palm Springs, Albert Simon
4. Shut Up, Skinny Bitches, Greg Archer & Maria Rago
5. The List, David J. Baron
6. Hostile Witness, Rebecca Forster
7. Body Confidence , Mark Macdonald
8. The Black Dhalia, James Elroy


  1. You should add "The Magic of Believing" to your list.

  2. Ooop, and The Magic of Thinking Big. Do eet.