well well well...

Look what I finally went and did! Let me welcome you with a photo of me FREEZING MY TUKAS OFF AT THE OCEAN!  Granted, it was Galveston, TX at Christmas time, but whatever. Oceans are supposed to be enthusiastically warm and such.

So I guess I am joining the blogging world...not really sure what I plan to do with this yet.  I think mostly I will use it as a place to put some or all of my musings of my life, obviously products I love and rave over (if you know me at all, you know I will get you on board with my latest craze!), and whatever else I feel like saying.   :D I'll keep working on this!  Karrie made me do it.  Blame her if you don't like it.  FIRST POST! YAY!  *valiant fist in the air*

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