I have a very serious thing to say here people.  I never say serious things, so you best be opening your ears and hearing this.  I went and saw the Hunger Games movie this weekend, as well as about 15bazillion other people according to the box office ratings.  It was a fantastic movie, well acted and stayed very close to the book.  I gave it my official stamp of approval.  Not that that hack job of the other movies I have seen... *coughTWILIGHTcough* Don't get me wrong, I love the Twilight Saga.  As a set of books.   The cheesy awful acting really ruined what could have been amazing movies for me.  Maybe K.Stewert will be a better *spoiler if you live under a rock* vampire than a human but I am kinda not getting my hopes up.  This is not the point....

My point is this people: Why do people compare Twilight to Hunger Games? WHY WHY!?

I'm going to leave that as a whole paragraph for itself to let it sink in...STOP IT YOU DUMMIES!  The Hunger Games is nothing NOTHING NOTHING like the Twilight books...NOTHING.  Do you see my urgency and seriousness in this? *points to all caps*  I cannot stand seeing people say "Team Edward/Team Jacob" let alone seeing this stupidness: "Who are you for? Team Peeta or Team Gale?"  What? Where did you come up with that cockamamie crap?  When did the Hunger Games books ever because some girly love story?

Let me start out with Twilight.  Uh 1.It was never going to be Jacob, probably not even when Edward left her to freeze to death in the middle of the woods, even though he knew she's a dimwit and would get lost out there. And hello! Did you see the forced disgusting kiss between Jacob and Bella anyway?  It was never meant to be, and any reader knows this so why try to be all "team Jacob"?  D-U-M-B.  2.Sure its somewhat of a love triangle, and maybe if you never read anything past the first 2/3's of New Moon, you might think Jacob had a chance.  It's totally obvious that she put the friend card out on him back when he had long hair and was just a geeky giant. *sighs* The movie's not going to magically stray from the book.  Anyway, Twilight is really just about a girl who is full of sap and awkwardness who loves a really old dude who is dead (and in my mind was created by Michelangelo and about 40 times cuter than R. Patz...just sayin'.  I mean, do you see that gross hairy chest?) and wants to be a vampire too, but hey we have a soulful vampire for once and he's not down with that.  Don't get me wrong, the books are amazing.  I read all 4 of them in 6 days without sleep.  In New Moon I couldn't put the book down nor stop crying until I knew Bella was going to be okay after that devastating way she was dumped.  In hindsight, she should have moved on and never looked back but I was young once and know how that goes.  So these books in short, is about teen love and angst and other sappy goo goo junk along with a weird pregnancy.  3.She's just a girl in love.

Hunger totally different.  Let me say this loudly just to let it sink in.  THERE IS NO LOVE TRIANGLE.  Do you see that? Re read it.  Okay.  So now that you have seen that, GET IT.  1.These books are about survival.  Trying to live, avoiding getting your arms chopped off or murdered, finding food,  not getting blown to bits in your crappy job, not having luxuries, hoping that you live to see the next day, things like that.  2.This girl doesn't have time for love.  There never was, and never will be a love triangle because loving someone in that respect is the last thing on Katniss's mind which makes her the complete opposite of that other set of books up there.  Also, not gonna stray from the books.  But love was never a forethought.  The love story that IS present is the love for Katniss's sister and mother.  Family.  (Or Ohana if you wanna go all "Lilo and Stitch" on me, and I do because I've been requested that movie about 687 times a day the last two weeks.)  That is her greatest love, not some silly set of boys.  She don't have time for that. She's gotta kill a rabbit and avoid the cannibals so they can eat!  She's gotta think about the thought of killing other kids to try to win and see her sister again.  That's what keeps her going.  I also finished these books in about 5 days without putting them down so again, they are awesome books.  These books are about survival in an awful place and how to push through and fight back.  Plain and simple.  3.This girl is a true heroine.

So why do people compare Twilight to Hunger Games when the genre's couldn't be any more different?  Because they both about a girl who happens to have two dudes in her life she cares for? Come on.  That's maybe the only similarities to the two.  Maybe it would be more comparable if there were zombies in Hunger Games who are hungry, *snickers* and  they are fancy zombies like the Volturi who rule the underworld and the games were more about evading those zombies.  Zombies are supernatural I guess.  So, if there were zombies, and Katniss was in love with boys (instead of, oh I don't know...trying to NOT GET MURDERED BY OTHER KIDS) in her spare time then maybe that would be something to compare these two sets of books.  I suppose you could argue that the Capitol can be compared to the Volturi in the respect that they are mean old jerks who try to run the world, but even then they aren't really the same because the Capitol is not some freakish red-eyed underground only controlling part of the population.

I'm sorry I ranted.  I won't do it too much.  But I did it today and I'm just getting it out there.  Love both sets of books very much.  However, they couldn't be more different and I just get so annoyed at these people who compare the two like its the same books.  I mean, its like comparing Lord of the Rings to Ace Ventura trilogies.  Why? Because they both have animals of some sort in it?  You have a better chance of comparing The Brave Little Toaster trilogy to the Care Bears trilogy.

Just stop it.  Love each saga for who they are individually and lets have a happy life.  Don't make me have to use my hook punches (I have been working really hard on those) on some girl that says that.  I think it could be illegal in most states for me in my old age to knock out someone younger than me.  With that said, I feel like I just went a little postal and now I should maybe wash my brain from what almost could be considered as fangirl rant junk.  *shudders*

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