Me and my car concerts...

So here I was, driving all over the great state of Missouri because it was the night to pick up the chirren.  Okay, I can't call them chirren anymore.  The teenagers, EXCUUUUUSE ME!  We have quite a long drive so we usually have lots to talk about and catch up on and in between times, we sing.  They enjoy the car concerts right along with me.  I helped raise them right.

We like to skip songs we don't care to sing to and belt it out to the ones we do. It's our thing, back off okay?  The thing you gotta know is, I keep lots of "classics" on the ipod.  Things like LIVE, Bob Marley, Pearl Jam, Natalie Merchant, etc.  I like my songs diverse.  The next  thing you gotta know is, I CAN NOT, will not ever change it from Bohemian Rhapsody.  It's like the world stops and I force them to listen to it.  The first time I made them listen to the song they said I was weird and laughed violently at my  "Bismilah! NOOO! We will not let you go! LEMME GO! NO NO NEVER NEVER NEVER NO NO NO!"  These days, they know it word for word and sing right along with me.  I threatened to never buy them candy again til they learned the words.

Guess what song came on? *points to above paragraph*  Again, time stopped and we heard nothing else but the beautiful sounds of Queen blaring through the speakers.  It was probably the best concert to date.  The next song came on, E.T. by Katy Perry and here we were still high off our standing ovation from our last concert.  I looked down at my speedometer, and thought "Whoops, I should probably slow d--" as I was letting off the gas, I saw it.  Headlights came on.  I said "AW CRAP, I'm pretty sure we got caught".  The teenagers didn't see it so they didn't know.  I told them I'm pretty sure we just got our concert ruined by this cop, and sure enough he turned on his lights.

The truck in front of me, obviously guilty of driving way to fast to his concert "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds", pulled over right in front of me.  I was seriously hoping the truck would be distracting enough and he'd pass me up.  I parked and got my stuff ready.  He asked, "Is that truck with you?" and I said " I DON'T KNOW HIM OKAY?! JEEZ!" So the cop waved the guilty truck right on to get away with his fast foot. *glares*  I'm sure he had plenty of time to do a quick little ditty of  "I am the Walrus" as he drove off smirking.

The ol' cop didn't even ASK me if I knew why I was pulled over.  He told me I was speeding and the only thing I could say was "Well, I saw it right before you did, but we were singing and got carried away and I guess my foot was dancing too much".  He giggled at me, and then said "I'll be back with your ticket".  He teased me with his niceness. FRIAR TUCK! I didn't even make up any excuse, like "This kid in the back has to go #2 and I am just trying to get her to a toilet before she stinks up the car!".  I took my ticket like a champ.  I didn't even cry.

It's not my fault, it's Queen's for having the most amazing song ever and making my foot heavy.  This guy gets it.  *high fives to this guy*

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