Tiny Human transitions

It's no secret that we are going to the Farmer's Market on the regular, and changing how we eat around this hizzouse.  Clearly, that also changes how I feed the tiny humans because I refuse to buy too many processed/store bought meal products.  I have to get crafty sometimes with them.  They are totally digging all the fresh fruit, fresh produce (and will eat squash if I sneak it in) and most whatever I put in front of them.  I've been sneaky enough to make healthified pizza, homemade "hot pockets" which were a hit, burritos, beef pot pie, "mac and cheese", spaghetti out of my beloved sketti squash, and loaded baked "princess potatoes" (because I had used the purple potatoes and those were regarded for high Peruvian Kings back in the day, so that makes them princesses to get to eat that kind of tater!) to name a few.  I've also been buying Almond  milk for myself on the whim that I choose to drink milk.  They always ask me about it when I pour some out so I thought I would be sneaky, get some Rice milk, and just pour them a small glass and not say anything to see if they noticed.

PJ drank hers right up and did not even bat an eye.  PG gave it a sidelong glance and drank a few drinks and left it.  K drank two cups.  Lunchtime came around and I thought I might just see if I would introduce it formally.  You know, "Kids, meet Rice Milk.  Rice Milk, meet kids."  I pulled the container out of the fridge.

"What's that milk Bri?"
"Would you like to taste it? It's SPECIAL!"
"YEAHHH!", they squeal.

I poured some Rice Milk into their cups and waited, knowing they already tasted it but since it was different and they knew it, they'd react different.

PJ scrunched her nose.  I dramatically rolled my eyes.
PJ:"Ew, dis weally gross!"
Me: "You haven't even tried it yet! Take a sip!"She did.
PJ: "I don't like it, Bri."
Me: "Nice try, small fry! NEENER! You already drank a whole cup of it!"
PJ: "Whaaat! I did not!"
Me: "Yep, at breakfast you drank a whole cup!"
PJ scoffed: "No I di'nit, I don't like it."
PG: "We did not tasse this, Bri. You silly!" 
Me: "Oh yes you did!"
PG tasted it and I KNEW she didn't care for it.
PG: "This is FLAAAVOR milk."
Me: "It's so sweet and yummy!"

These two were not convinced.

K: "mo! mo!"  Well I knew he'd like it.  That kid will eat anything.

Okay, so that didn't go over so well.  At least they tried something new.  The next day I pulled out the regular old milk for them deciding okay, they don't love rice milk and that's just fine.  Now at least they will stop asking me about my milk!

PG:  "Bri."
Me: "Yes?"
PG: "Is that regular milk or that flaaaaavor milk?"
Me: "It's just plain old cow's milk."
PG in classic PG style:  "COW MILK! EEEEW! DAT'S GROSS! YUCK! I DON'T LIKE COW MILK!"  She might as well have thrown herself off the stool and pulled the curtains down with her.

PJ: "HA! HA! HA! You so silly, you say cow milk!"
I threw my hands up in the air.
Me: "Uh YEAH! You drink cow milk ALL the time! That's THIS milk!" *points to jug*
PG: *ponders*  "....a cow dat eats grass?"
Me:  *thinking aloud* "Well, you know I should get some grass-fed cow's milk"
PJ *slaps her knee* : "She says cow milk! HAHA! What a silly!  Dey eat grass!  We don't eat da grass, dogs poop in it."
K: "Mo! Mo!"
Bessie: "No dog poop in THIS grass!"
Gertrude: "Mooove over, you camera cow!"

After a long discussion that regular milk comes from nice little cows, and my stuff was sweet milk they chose the cow milk.  But not after debating with PG that it was NOT coconut milk I had made them try.  It was just Rice milk.  They said they did not like it as much as the regular milk.  I told them fair enough,  I respect their choice and that was okay.  But then they spied my Almond milk.  I made them the tiniest little shot of it to sip and whaddya know?  THEY LIKED THAT ONE.  It's too bad I don't want to share that one as much. ;)  Consensus says, regular old homo milk first.  Maybe some Almond milk from time to time but definitely no rice milk.  Fine.  

Disclaimer: I do at times feel lazy and might like to pop in a tv dinner in the microwave, or a pizza for party Friday, or the emergency chicken nuggets in the back of the freezer for "in a pinch" moments.  I still don't LOVE (okay I like it a little) all the cooking I have to do to be "whole foodish".  I am about 80% whole foodish.  However, if it makes me make a home cooked meal, so be it.  I'm not all crazy--I don't do flax seed powder or psyllium husks...WHAT ARE THOSE!?  Too much crunch for me I think.  Just fresh, local, pesticide free for us, thanks.  So if you come to my house, we aren't weird eaters, just fresh.  Maybe I'll get a licence plate that says "fresh" and have some dice in the mirror.  Wait...I have the dice.

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