We have incredibly good luck.

June 1-3, 2012.  I had spent the weekend in St. Louis with Goose camping.  We were not technically camping though, I don't consider spending the day at a campsite and then sleeping in an apartment for the night camping.  However, the airbed happened to fail and we had to sleep on a 3 inch thick who-knows-how-old futon mattress, so it was LIKE camping!  And the city lights presented a moonlit ambiance ... or not.  Saturday night we got back to the apartment incredibly late, okay it was like 130am Sunday morning.  Parked our cars on the street and went to sleep.  In the apartment, not the streets.  We might as well should have.  We spent Sunday having a lovely day in CWE with Dustbuster.  We decided on going out for dinner, the three of us and the doggie.  I figured we would take my car so I could just drop them back off when we were done.  I was distracted with the ShyannBelle trying to avoid peeing when I looked up and saw Goose frantically looking around in circles.  Then I looked over to where he was looking.  The spot he parked the truck.  But...it was empty.

"Didn't I park ... RIGHT.THERE?"
"Uh yeah, you did.  Why'd you let your truck drive away?"
"I DIDN'T! It was right here! I parked..HERE!" *points to empty spot* "I knew I wasn't crazy...I'm calling the police."

Goose called the police, the three of us and a dog sat on the street corner looking hopeless and sad like some pathetic "Occupy Taylor and W. Pine" troupe.  While we were waiting, we recounted the events.  Someone stole it after 130 am.  I had decided against parking my car there because I would have to actually parallel park, so I parked on the other street and he took that space.  What felt like an hour, BECAUSE IT WAS,  The police finally showed up and started to get our info including the whole tailgate has that ridiculous slogan 'got a critter? Let us git'r' on the back of it so it will be easy to find.  He assumed it was probably just towed because of tickets until Goose said "I don't HAVE any tickets" then shot me a questioning look asking if that was right.  I shook my head, nope. No tickets.  They called the tow yards and a policeman on a bike rolled up. 

"Hey, sorry got here as fast as I could, you know...traffic and stuff!"  Okay he didn't say that but I said it for him when he didn't hear me.  At this point, Dustbuster decided we probably weren't going to dinner and ordered a pizza.  I asked if he planned to have it delivered to this corner or what?  He said not to be silly, they'd go back to the apartment for it.  By this time the police had done everything they could do; filed a report, called the tow yards, put it on every one's list to look for.  I chose not to go back with them for pizza, good thing since it never showed up.  I went home very sad for Goose and all the stuff in his truck that was taken.  Every flint-knapping tool, every point, every case, all his clothes from the dry cleaners, everything.  I thought we'd never see the truck again.  Luckily Dustbuster said he could borrow his car for a little bit.

The next morning, Monday, we got a call from the police that they had found our truck in North STL, intact but not drive able.  Wow! That was fast!  Everything was still in it!  What luck!  We had it towed to the tow lot til the insurance agent could deal with it and then sent it to the shop to get the damages fixed.  The thief left it running til it ran out of gas.  It was no doubt from when they backed into whatever they hit, they looked at their damage and saw the logo on the back and realized that would be easy to find and fled.  At least, that's what I think!

Initial calls to the shop said it would be done in two weeks.  Cool.  We could borrow Dustbuster's car til then, no big deal.  Two weeks pass, no one from the shop had called.  I called and long story short, every time I called them the time was farther and farther back.  Goose made a call to the insurance agent who made the shop pay for our rental car until it was done.  You'd think they would try harder to get it done faster? Nope.  July 4th rolled around and we still hadn't gotten the truck back yet.  Finally, July 9th Goose was able to get his truck back!  The logo on the tailgate was gone because of the damage, so I don't know how I'm ever going to find it in public again.
July 14--520 am.  A knock on the door woke us up and Goose took his beater stick with him to the front to find a neighbor from down the road telling him that my car had been broken into...my car now.  When he came in to tell me the first thing I asked was "Did they take my ipod?"  I trudged out there way before I was ready to wake up and got the story from the neighbor:
His dog started barking, he looked out the window to see a scrappy kid lifting on door handles on every car down the road.  By the time the neighbor caught up with him the kid was at my car ransacking it.  He yelled to the kid "HEY IS THAT YOUR CAR?" and of course the kid took off and the neighbor called the police, told us, went back and got his dog.  The kid had taken stuff from our immediate next door neighbor's cars too.

When I checked out my car I found that my sad, Lazarus ipod was gone.  You know, the one I lost around New Years, and couldn't find it anywhere only to have given up and then find it after a weekend long rainstorm in April just sitting all chill on my sewer gutter?  Surely it was broken forever right?  No, it survived winter cold, snow AND rain.  It came back to life because it LOVES ME.  And this twerp stole it, and the crappy charger that came with it.  Apparently he yanked so hard that it loosened my wiring to my stereo so now I have that nice crackling sound when its on.  He also took one of my phone chargers but I have at least 53 of them so that's fine, he can make about $5 off that.  Joke's on this kid though, who knows if it will ever work.  I was too scared to take it out of my car once I got it to work, because I thought if I took it inside it might just die for good.  I thought it was the magical unicorn blood that my car runs on that kept it alive.  And GOOD LUCK trying to sell a hot pink, old, severely water damaged, screen that stays black ipod that may not even work anyway.  Hope you get a buttload of meth money with that one, punk!

So it sounds like we have bad luck here, but folks let's look on the bright side.  My car wasn't broken.  Other than its broken psyche due to the loss of its best friend, ipod and that just can't be replaced.  Goose's truck wasn't missing for a month or more, it was found the next day.  It wasn't stripped or torched and we didn't have to go through the trouble of getting another car, and everything was still in it.  He had a lot of valuables sitting inside the truck at that time, and luckily the thieves were too stupid to realize it.  Sure it was annoying to wait over a month on the truck and me to get up at 520 on a Saturday...but GLASS HALF FULL! 

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