Tea Party Wedding Shower!

I hosted my first ever wedding shower in October.  It was so. much. fun.  I decided on throwing a tea party. I totally got into it, I could have tea parties all the time so long as it was in the afternoon!  Immediately, I shopped for teacups and saucers.  I found an adorable set at goodwill and stumbled upon some awesome decorations there too!  I put the rest of the fam on the task of finding more cups and saucers but I was so obsessed, I went to the antique outlet one weekend and stocked up on some more because I am going to have more tea parties, someday.   I got excited about a tea sandwich recipe.  It was so fancy, Waldorf Chicken Salad.  I knew I wanted to make Greek Pinwheels.  I happened to have ALL THE TEAS at my house already, like seven different flavors but I narrowed it down to five plus iced tea and coffee.  What? I figure people want to drink while they are there at.the.teaparty.  I made banners because it was just so cute!  PJ's mom made deelish mini cupcakes that had me panicking more than driving with a baby in the car.  Only one mini cake was turned on its side.  YESS!

The downside of my traveling is that I CANNOT sleep at someone else's house. So, baby seester, who had brought some super cute decorations helped me set up the table the night turned out as adorable and I expected it would.  We had it pretty much figured out right away.  Though, when she went to bed I laid  there til seriously 3 am before falling asleep and was wide awake at 7am...oh well.  I woke up to Mom pilfering around with coffee and she approved of the table setting.
Just look at all this cuteness! Just look at it!
Also, Baby Seester did NOT wear a dress like she was sposta.

I had a surprise for my mom, and had to run and get it.  And napkins.  Well, napkins was the excuse but A and B happened to be in Sand Springs for a band competition for B, and A was going to surprise Nonnie!  It couldn't have worked out better:
They totally cried and I totally had to leave the room or else I would too...spoiler alert: I still cried.

It was a small but adorable turnout and a wee bit of dramatics due to rain and such, we went to go eat at MAH FAVROITE Mexican restaurant, Ricardos!  The weather took a turn for the worse and by the time we left, it was a torrential downpour.  Baby Seester and I went in my car, to try to find in the rain a liquor store.  This is where I often forget that Missouri spoils me.  I'm all, hey we can just get wine or whatever at any gas station.  Oklahoma is like HAHA.NO.  So, Saby Seester and I took off with nearly dead phones in the torrential rain trying to find our way through town with no GPS signal.  After we went about 5 miles out of the way, we found a liquor store only blocks from the house and got a bottle of vino so MAYBE I could get a decent nap in.  However, when we got to Middle Seester's place, we noticed that SOMEONE STOLE HER HOUSE!  I drove up and down that road 6 times, and said, "Seriously, that house was just right there when we left! Wasn't it right there?"  Baby Seester agreed with me, and we confusedly called Middle Seester to tell her that her house was stoled.  Turns out, there's two streets right next to each other called 37th.  One's pl and the other is st.  Whoops.   We got on the correct road, and there it was.  When we came in, it looked like Mom and Middle Seester had just gotten out of the shower...apparently Sir P had driven off right at the second they ran out in the torrential downpour and left them to soak.  I sure did miss not getting to see that...

Sleep did not come so easy for me again, but I managed to get home safely and crash a little early.

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