New challenges and changes!

Well. It's a new year, and my PC has finally seen it's last days.  I had much to blog about and I just couldn't. That is, until the Goose fixes it for me. Not to mention the trackpad on my chromebook is out. Luckiky it's under warranty and I'm sending it back in. Til then I am on this phone! Anywhoo, here we are in a new year. And what a new year its gonna be! We are going to be making several changes around here and the first one started yesterday. We started our 30 day paleo challenge which you can find here in this post more information and a link if you dare try it yourself!

My next challenge that I totally flopped on last year was my book challenge. Life got in the way and I forgot for most of the year. Gonna do better this time. In fact, I already completed one yesterday and am gonna finish another today! Whee! Right on schedule! I'll make a new post with the list in there, to see if I do any better than my last years self. *shakes fist*

Another big change coming this year is Goose is graduating college and we are moving outta here! I have already started packing. Over achiever much? Maybe. But our last move we had three weeks to be moved here, so I am gonna get what I can done now! So packing the Christmas stuff was bittersweet. No more Christmases in this house, and super annoying that I had to actually pack things away. Like with lids! Ugh! I never! I have 10 medium boxes and three Christmas tree boxes if you like to know trivia. I had already had a mini meltdown when packing the wall decor away for Christmas,  as I had planned to pack that away for good too. All my photos and albums and some other decor is gone and it feels naked in here!  Of course the life of breezy wouldn't be without some delimma. I ran out of packing tape and I had done such a good job stuffing that tree back in its box only to be defeated by the evil packing tape! So the tree, in its open box, is still on my entertainment center where I suspect it will stay til I am reminded I need tape.

I have a big year ahead of me and I am going to live it one month at a time. This month I am focused on my paleo challenge and reading more. And maybe fixing one of these interweb devices.

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