Three year old wisdoms

After a particularly loud afternoon:
"All this yelling! You guys are giving me a headache"
"When we leave, you can just take a nap. Calm down"
PG pats my knee "You can take a rest now, we will watch you."

PJ: "Ohhhh man, you gotta come see this."
*points to the sewer dudes outside doing maintenance, pulling off a manhole cover*
"That guy, just broke the road!"

"Bri, I'm going poop, okay?"
(twenty seven seconds later)
"Bri I am done, come wipe my butt real good!"

Speaking of poop:
PJ: "You know something I know?  Mommy poops, daddy poops, my sissy poops, bubba poops, Charlie and Tookie poops, Tobi poops, PG poops, baby O poops.  They do it every day!...Hey do you poop?"

PJ: "It's snowing outside! Yay!"
"No, I think it's just rain."
PJ: "Uh, no. I saw a snow, you just lied to me Bri."
Well. Okay then, but it's still rain, I say. :D

PG: "Do you work Bri?"
"Yes, when you are here at my house I'm working to take care of you."
PG: "Babysitting is hard work, Bri.  You gotta clean all those dishes all the time!"
"Yes, that's exactly it."

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