I think I really am 5

I just made up myself a sticker chart.  Yes, I said sticker chart.  Okay, I don't really put stickers on there...because I don't have any.  And  then I'd be putting stickers on my screen and then I couldn't see.

I am the kind of person who needs to write things down, many times in many places, or I just straight up forget.  So, with getting my life transitioned to a new chapter in just a few weeks (sounds so short when I say it like that) I thought I needed to make goals and lists of things to do.  I'm sure people do "to-do" lists all the time, but do they call them sticker charts? I didn't think so.  So now I have a nice set of daily chores to do, along with my other things like working out (yes I have to schedule that too or I won't do it), blogging, reading, food stuffs now that we have changed our habits, and more as I think of them.

You might say, "well if it's a sticker chart, you must have a reward at the end if you do them all."  That I do.  I have big rewards.  If I finish all my chores, I get to take myself shopping! But! I have to finish them ALL.  If I skip doing laundry or scrubbing the toilet I might as well ground myself.  That's it missy, no wine for you Friday! *looks concerned* That was mean of me.  I gotta go wash out the kitchen sink.

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