These dreams...

Okay, I know you have read about some of my dreams before.  Had to pass along some other doozies I've had of late.

A couple of weeks ago (why I didn't write this down then, I will never know.) I physically woke myself up from a dream laughing.  I can't recall what was so hilarious now, but I have never woken myself up laughing before.  So strange.  I mean, yes I've woken myself up from a bad dream bawling and my pillow is soaked but never from laughing.

A few days later I was dreaming I was in one of those inflatable rafts, like floating down the river but a little less industrial.  I was in a lake, not the river.  I really don't know why I was there other than I am just OVER this weather this year and ready to be in my pool.  That's probably not important.   So there I was in my little raft, and since it was cheap, it was taking on water.  So there I am trying to get water out and the next thing I know, someone is holding me down, trying to drown me.  Where did this guy come from?! I don't know, people show up in dreams randomly.  So there I was face-down in the water and guess what.  I woke myself up gasping for air.  Like, the biggest breath I've ever tried to take in my life.  I woke up Goose in the process, gasping for air.

Like this but less he plotting to drown her too? I Think so.

So now I'm just waking myself out of dreams now?  Is one of my homeopathic meds a red pill?  Will I meet Neo soon?

This morning, I was comfortably in my bed sleeping.  Dreaming, mind you.  I was in this crowd of people who were starting to get rowdy.  I would like to say it was like a mosh pit, something I'll watch but never want to take part in.  They started to get rougher, and here came an authoritative figure to break up the ruckus.  They crowd started to argue a little bit causing the authoritative figure to get annoyed that they weren't listening to him.  Authoritative figure finally sighed and said loudly "Well guess what! I--" Then I heard some other person in the crowd yell "CHICKEN BUTT!"  I lost my cool, I doubled over in hysterical laughter.

So much laughter in fact that I woke myself out of the dream, but this time my laugh came out squeaky and gaspy like when I was drowning.  Goose shot up and said "HEY! Are you okay?"  I mid-snooze and giggle said  "What? I'm just laughing!" I then rolled over to my other side still laughing to myself.  As I was drifting off, I laughed again and then heard Goose snicker at me as well.

He told me when I woke up for real, after hanging out with Jamie Foxx on set, that I moved really weird before my gaspy laugh (must have been when I doubled over in hysterics in my dream) and he was surprised that didn't wake me up.

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