Well, this summer flew right by me!  But not because I slept through it, no no.  I have been so incredibly busy and so much to tell!  So what's going on with me? Hmm...lets start back in May *dream sequence starts*

In May, I was preparing for one of the biggest transitions of our lives.  Goose's last day at MS&T was on the 17th and  on the very same day, my job was over.  It was the most bittersweet day I think I've ever had.  I had closed up shop for good around 3 to meet the grillz (oldest's first time making a super long drive, so again...monumental!) and get back in time for all the family coming up for Graduation the next day.  I won't lie...I cried a solid 30 miles after I left the house.  Once I had the grillz with me, we started our summer right then.  Graduation went smoothly, and everyone was so happy!  I don't think anyone was as happy as Goose though...that guy did not just one but TWO cartwheels!  His summer didn't last long though, because he moved by the end of May to start his long awaited career.  From then on, the whole family was back and forth between living in the hotel during the week and the old house on the weekends.  Our hotel room consisted of a tiny kitchenette, our bed, and a pull out couchbed that the grillz slept together on one foot from our bed.  It felt like we were on constant vacation!  Cramped but happy to be in our new city.

In June, I celebrated my sister-from-another-mister's wedding!  The whole weekend was awesome, with a fancy pants old hotel style bridal suite for us girls and getting pampered with hair and makeup the morning of, to the gorgeous ceremony by the Missouri river at Les Bourgeois Winery.  Us cool cats in the wedding party got to celebrate on the limo bus before partying at the reception.  Awesome times!  Again, back at the old house, we packed and twiddled our thumbs.  While at the hotel, we window shopped til we dropped and hung out at the pool like rockstars!  Early in June, this chromebook of mine freaked out on me AGAIN and I shipped it off to get a brand new replacement which took EONS!  Not to mention I didn't exactly have wireless that worked well enough for me to hook up to. BOO HISS.

July came, and I got to see our first fireworks display in our new city and I tell you what...I can't wait for more people to be here to experience it with me next summer!  We got to see the Counting Crows under the arch, with yet another fireworks display, and a couple of ballgames.  Meanwhile back at the old house, I prepared everything for moving.  I had a few DIY projects, had to get all the kinks lined out with moving, transferring utilities, etc.  But by July 30, WE FINALLY CLOSED ON OUR HOUSE.

Now we are here in August, and its been insane still!  We moved in on the 31st of July and jumped right in to hosting people!  We literally moved, unpacked, organized and were ready for visitors in 4 days.  It was a crazy mess of installs, deliveries, service turner-on'ers, and cleaning!  The first full week in our new house we had 2 sets of visitors over and we were on the go for a week solid.  We went to ball games, downtown STL, tours of the new city, etc.  Finally things have settled enough that I can get back into my normal routine again...and that includes keeping up with my blogging.  PHEW!  I cannot believe I wrapped up three months in one post!

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