Let me channel my inner Fraulein Maria

and sing "These are a few of my favorite THIIIIINGS!  WHEN THE DOG  BI-Bi-bites..."    *shifty eyes* 

Summer is practically here, and that means that there are certain products I need and can't live without during the warm times.  If I lived near the ocean though, these things would be staples.  Okay, this is kind of a girly post so boys...thanks for looking but nothing to see here, move on.  Unless you LIKE girly things and then by all means, stick around!  

I am not going to talk tanning stuff because for me, I haven't found a FAVORITE lotion and to be honest I use whatever my tanning salon gets in that year.  And I use spf 50 on my face and shoulders outside anyway, and I don't think the brand matters so long as you protect your skin.  Get a really good base tan by going slow and using high spf's and by all means, don't get burnt! Use a sunblock until you get your base tan.  Protect your skins, only get one epidermis.  That's the end of my PSA.

1.  Where to start?  The shower? Okay!  My most favorite product for the summer is hands down Oil of Olay In-shower Body Lotion.  Not wash, lotion.

Debil Wal-Mart sells it.  And invest in a  fall-down-proof shower mat while you are there.

This stuff is out of this world amazing, and dangerous.  Let's start with amazing.  Say you are lazy like, oh...ME, and forget to lotion up after your shower and then you put on a pair of shorts and your legs look like a piece of 100grit sandpaper.  Or say you shave, and  then lotion up and then get that awful razor burn rash after.  Have no  fear my pet, use this stuff!  Since you are already in the shower you can just slather some on and get out and skip a step!  Perfect for the lazy person, or forgetful.  Both of which I am.  If you are really needing extra moisture, then I dare you not to even towel off and just air dry.  You'll be as greasy as a deep fried chicken!  The smell reminds me of that old 90's perfume "Sunflowers" which I happened to like so extra big win for me.  I think they still make that but I don't know, really.  You are left with soft, lotioned skin (unlike those so-called "lotion in the wash" products) and you smell pretty awesome to cover up the fact that you just sweated 80 buckets.  But I guess if you are in the shower in the first place, you prolly don't smell like that anyway.  The dangers are though that if you spill some in the shower, you could fall and die.  Helpful tip: Don't spill it.  Also wash off your palms before running your hands through your hair unless you look like that "not-washed-hair-in-six-days" look.  Oh, don't use it as a shave cream because it will just clog up your razor and again, you could die while trying to de-gunk your razor by accidentally severing your artery.

2.  Next, we have actual out-of-shower lotion, and I must say I had a hard time finding it at any local stores only to find it discontinued, so I totally order it from Amazon who seems to be the keeper of all things.  Jergens Soft Shimmer Lotion is all I am gonna call it.  But it's not self tanning lotion, no.  It is the prettiest gold-glitter lotion I have ever found.

Made from genuine pixie dust.

Most "glitter" lotions are just lotion with a tub of glitter tossed in.  I don't want to look like I sprayed myself with a can of leftover halloween glitter, but more just a shimmer that the light picks up on when outside.  It's pretty subtle and gives your skin a fun glow.  I'm pretty sure there aren't any negatives when it comes to this bottle.  The smell is pretty neutral so it won't compete with other lotions or perfumes.  I am not kidding when I say I order at least 3 bottles at a time from Amazon.

3.  I am sure you are wondering furiously what I do about my hair in the summer...well friends, I will tell you!  I am kinda lucky that my stepmom is a hair stylist and thanks to her supply of samples I cam across a couple of wonderful things.  First off, some leave-in conditioner that I am willing to fight a mountain lion over.
*mauls said mountain lion* MINE!
I can't say anything really except this is the best leave-in OF ALL TIME.  I can't.even...its so awesome.  The smell is fab, it's light, I can spray in a few sprays and never even use a brush, my hair is like golden silk spun from Rumpelstiltskin's spinning wheel.  Get it. Get it now.

4.  Again, free sample time introduced me to Brocato curlkarma.  If you have permed, or curly/wavy hair this stuff will NOT weigh your hairs down, gives a bit of extra conditioning, works well wet or dry and gives even flat hair a beachy wave kind of boost.
Man, I have a lot of pictures this time.

What about days you need a little boost but don't have time for a shower?  Or your pits still smell like freesia-laced deodorant because you didn't have to workout or move all day but you still need a facial freshening?  Or you are on-the-go and that car messed up all your fresh sass?  Or say, your makeup melted to your face from getting too close to that solar flare?  Enter these two things:

Not wet-wipes, though confusing.
Also good for olive oil spills.

5 & 6.  Let's face it, sometimes you are either on-the-go or just too tired to go all out and wash up that gorgeous little face of yours.  I like to use the wipes before bed because sometimes I forget.  Plain and simple.  Plus these things are cheap.  The oil absorbing sheets go everywhere with me.  I tend to use them also when I first wake up cuz you know...the less time I can take to get ready means the more time I can sleep in.   Keep a set for travel and a set for the bathroom, if I say so myself.  And I do say.

7.  Coconut oil is an untapped gold mine.  I have a jar in the kitchen and a jar in the bathroom.  I will hit on this in more detail on the other blog later, but for now I will tell you it is a) the best makeup remover b) the best night cream for your face and c) an excellent moisturizer if you can't afford those up there.  It's about $6 and mine's lasted me 5 months because you use so little of it.  Unless you have a really big face.

8.  Which brings me to my last favorite thing, which isn't actually a product but a great way to do your hair without actually doing your hair.  It's a 10 on the easy factor.  Headband curls.  What, you say?  How do you do this?  I wondered this myself not so long ago.  I will now divert you to someone else's blog (when you are done here) for the tutorial, but I must say, this is easier than the sock bun if you are a girl who has layers or your hair isn't 8 feet long.  It's quite comfy to sleep in and the best part is you aren't frying your already sun-kissed hair with excess heat. AND AND takes all of 3 minutes to do at night and all of 30 seconds to finish in the morning!  For me, it produces loose waves like the second day after I have spiral curled my hair and that's pretty much my favorite look.

Photo-cred goes to the tiny humans.  My house is really that un-level though.  

*covers head with green and white drapes* "And then I don't feel...SO BAAA-AA-AAAA-AAAD!"   *cue cheesey happy smile*

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